Latest News: 30 September 2016

Providing people with local beef and lamb from the South Coast and Euroboddalla regions.

We use free range, grass feed beef and lamb as well as free range pork as much as possible.

We do all we can to ensuring our products are produced ethically and reasonably, from the farm through to the nutritious meat products we provide.
Our team take pride and respect in the products we produce and service that puts the customers needs first.

We will be offering a range of cooked products that will be sold cold, that can be heated for a quick pre-cooked meal.
As well as hot food ready to eat such as, slow cooked Wagu brisket burgers, marinated in a Texan Bourbon BBQ and 9 hr slow cooked pulled pork burgers, curried sausages, beef and chicken curries, Lamb Kofta sticks and pies and sausage rolls just to name a few.

You could also give us a call and ask us to cook your leg of lamb or roast for you!

There will also be a range of discounted meat packs and a wide variety of valued added products.

Customers will have an option to join our Butchers Club and receive discounts and specials that will only be offered to members.